Acquiring Wheel Craft Finishes

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Your wheels should distinguish your vehicle – and you – at every turn. At Wheel Craft, we are singularly focused on providing the finest, most beautiful and most durable hand-crafted luxury wheel finishes available today.

What’s more, we make this available to you through a seamless, hassle-free process that makes acquiring your custom wheel finish of choice quick and easy:


  • Call us at (833) 639-4231 to speak directly with a Wheel Craft representative or click on REQUEST A QUOTE and one of our team members will contact you.
  • Wheel Craft will confirm essential details about your vehicle and your wheels. To properly outline a quote and process for you, we will ask year, make, model, wheel size, etc.   We will also ask you to send us pictures of your car and your wheels to help us better serve you.   Our REQUEST A QUOTE option has a field where you can upload pictures, or they can be sent directly to a team member you speak with.
  • We will verify availability of mobile tire service partners in your area and outline the most convenient method to achieve one of our quality finishes. This helps us determine if we can manage your transaction with a wheel exchange or have your wheels delivered to us for expedited service.
  • Wheel Craft will develop a custom quote that completely outlines the pricing and process required to obtain our advanced finishes for your car’s wheels.
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  • Upon your acceptance of the quote, Wheel Craft will immediately begin to coordinate the agreed upon next steps. Whether that is to ship empty boxes to you, schedule a mobile service, or have you come to our facility, we promise to make your experience working with us as smooth and convenient as possible.
  • Once your wheels arrive at our facility, our team will receive and begin preparing your wheels for our finishing process. Our average processing time is 3-4 business days.
  • Our Promise To You. Wheel Craft will care for your wheels as though they are our own.   We take great pride in our workmanship and appreciate the trust you have instilled in us to care for your valuable wheels.


  • We will deliver or ship your finished wheels based in accordance with our pre-determined plan so that you can begin enjoying the new look of your car as quickly as possible.
  • If mobile service is an option, we will be sure to have the wheels into the provider’s hands and help coordinate the final steps to have your wheels installed.
  • If we are delivering to a car dealer or service center, we will communicate with the installing provider and provide instructions on how best to handle our finish and your wheels to ensure proper mount, balance, and installation.
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  • Wheel Craft is so confident that you will absolutely love your new wheel finish that we will not accept payment until your wheels have been delivered and installed on your car.
  • The only exception to this is if we are purchasing new wheels or replacement wheels on your behalf, we ask for payment of the wheels in advance. However, payment for the finish is not requested until you confirm your love of our product.

Enhance your sense of luxury…Achieve guaranteed performance and durability…Enjoy unrivaled value…and gain true enjoyment and satisfaction from your wheels.

Whether you opt for the reflective beauty of Black ICE, the chrome-inspired Bright ICE, the elegance of Midnight ICE or the subtle sophistication of Matte ICE

Take your factory-installed wheels to a whole new level with Wheel Craft.

Built for long-lasting performance & durability

Learn about our exclusive limited five-year warranty.

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