Cleaning and Maintenance of Your Wheel Craft Wheels – Simple Never Looked So Beautiful

We all want our vehicles to look their best at all times, in all conditions. But what good is an expensive wash and wax job on your BMW, Lexus, Infiniti or other luxury model if your wheels aren’t shiny and clean? You wouldn’t wear a tuxedo or fancy ball gown with worn-out sneakers—why spend time and money washing your vehicle and neglecting the wheels?

Even if you run your vehicle through a car wash, the wheels may not come out completely clean. Indeed, wheels are exposed to more dirt, grime, brake dust, loose stones and other damaging materials than any other exterior element on a vehicle. They get dirty, so they need periodic cleaning to look their best—and if you’ve ever tried cleaning them yourself, you know how physically strenuous, dirty and time-consuming that can be.

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At Wheel Craft, our custom PVD Chrome finishes for original equipment (OE) factory wheels are engineered to be both beautiful and durable. What’s more, these custom wheel finishes are incredibly easy and inexpensive to clean and maintain. In fact, all you need is soap, water and a soft car wash cloth or sponge to clean them. That’s it! No expensive chemicals, no four-step processes, no scratching of the clear-coat…just soap and water.

In the end, would you rather spend your hard-earned money on degreasers, wheel wax, iron extractors or other concoctions, then waste hours of precious time on your hands and knees manually scrubbing your custom wheels (and risking scratches and clear-coat damage to the wheel finish in the process)? Or, would a better option be to invest in beautiful and durable Wheel Craft PVD Chrome wheel finishes, have beautiful luxury wheels all year round that are car wash safe, resistant to brake dust and other contaminants, and occasionally use soap and water with a soft car wash cloth or sponge to clean them?

We think the answer is obvious, and we hope you agree. We hope this blog helps you understand how easy and inexpensive it is to clean your Wheel Craft PVD Chrome wheel finishes. If you’re looking to Arrive in Style wherever the road takes you, visit or contact us for more information on our custom wheel and rim finishes for factory-installed luxury car wheels. For dealers, we welcome the opportunity to discuss how Wheel Craft can deepen customer loyalty and drive unit sales, productivity, revenue and CSI.

Please contact Wheel Craft at 833.639.4231 or email Ed Hollinshead, company President.

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