At Wheel Craft, we focus on one thing, and one thing only: Delivering the highest quality, most beautiful and most durable hand-crafted finishes for any make or model car, whether your wheels are factory of aftermarket.

We set the standard for custom wheel finishes. The proprietary process of applying our premier PVD Chrome coating meets the exacting standards of color, gloss and durability our customers expect for the most prominent feature of their car, WHEELS.


Our highly reflective PVD Chrome finish takes PVD Chrome technology to new levels. Not only is our PVD Chrome finish the most vibrant COLOR in the market, but we also scientifically match our color to guarantee consistency with every wheel we finish, delivering quality and perfection to our customers. Whether you select Bright PVD Chrome, Black PVD Chrome, Midnight PVD Chrome, Matte PVD Chrome, or one of our custom finishes, you’ll experience wheels that look new, fresh, beautiful, sharp, and distinguish you wherever your journey leads.

Gloss and Reflectivity

The GLOSS and REFLECTIVITY of our PVD Chrome finish is the result of deep craftsmanship and extensive labor perfecting the wheel surface prior to applying our finish. Wheel Craft sets the standard for reflectivity in the automotive wheel market with the clarity and pureness of our finish. We promise the geometry of your wheels will be more vibrant and accentuated by a finish that is scientifically measures to be 80 percent as reflective as a mirror. The reflective illumination we achieve for you is simply unmatched.


Other PVD chrome providers use thick coatings (sometimes as thick as a penny) which are much more susceptible to chipping and peeling. At Wheel Craft, our exclusive PVD Chrome ultra-thin finish technology connects with the fiber of the underlying alloy to create an inseparable bond with the surface of the wheel. This protective glove provides ultimate protections from:

  • Brake dust burns and discoloration
  • Alloy wheel corrosion
  • Car wash chemicals
  • Seasonal street chemicals and salt
  • Stones kicked up while driving