Custom Wheel Finishes: How Wheel Craft’s Wheel Exchange Works, and Why We Do It

For everyone here at Wheel Craft, the idea of applying ultra-thin, durable and beautiful PVD Chrome finishes to factory wheels and rims seems like the perfect way to Arrive in Style, wherever the road takes you. Ask our customers, and they’ll agree 100%. Yet, as vehicle owners learn more about our gorgeous PVD Chrome finishes and close in on their decision to acquire the hand-crafted Wheel craft finish of their choice, one question seems to come up time and time again:

“Why am I sending you my wheels?”

It’s a valid question, and it gets to the heart of what separates Wheel Craft from aftermarket companies that simply coat wheels.

Total Focus on Customer Convenience – The Wheel Craft Advantage

Wheel Craft’s unique wheel exchange process is designed entirely around the customer. By exchanging wheels instead of purchasing new ones, we not only save you hundreds of dollars in expensive shop time and shipping costs, but we make the process incredibly convenient as well. With Wheel Craft, there’s no need to rack your car at a dealership or garage and then spend time and money to ship your wheels elsewhere.

Indeed, we make Wheel Craft’s beautiful and durable wheel finishes available to you through a seamless, hassle-free process that makes acquiring your custom wheel finish of choice quick and easy:

  • Simply call Wheel Craft at 833.639.4231 to speak directly with a Wheel Craft representative and request a quote.
  • Alternatively, you can fill out the form below, and a Wheel Craft representative will contact you to answer questions and discuss your needs.
  • During your call with Wheel Craft, the representative will confirm essential details about your vehicle (e.g., make, model, wheel size, tire size/condition, mileage, purchase
  • location) and discuss your finish preference. We’ll also request that you upload a photograph of the vehicle and one of its wheels using our secure portal.
  • Tell us where you want the installation to occur (e.g., home driveway, workplace parking lot, or wheel / tire service center).
  • Wheel Craft will then develop a custom quote for installation of your chosen finish, which includes the cost of installation.


  • Upon your acceptance of the quote, payment is due, and once it’s received, Wheel Craft will process your wheels in the high-quality PVD Chrome finish you desire, then ship the finished product directly to the wheel / tire service center you have selected—or, if you are located in a GoMobile Tires market, directly to GoMobile. We will then help coordinate the installation date, time and location.
  • Your wheel / tire service center or GoMobile Tires will box and ship your original wheels to Wheel Craft to complete the exchange process—no additional cost or effort for you!

At the end of the day, we built our business and our service model around you. You deserve the finest custom wheel finishes available. Your vehicle should turn heads and tell a unique story about you wherever you go. And making your wheels look absolutely fabulous should be an incredibly easy, convenient process. We deliver all that to you—it’s our mission and our promise.

We hope this blog answers some of your questions about Wheel Craft PVD Chrome wheel finishes and the process of acquiring them. If you’re looking to Arrive in Style wherever the road takes you, visit or contact us for more information on our custom wheel and rim finishes for factory-installed luxury car wheels. For dealers, we welcome the opportunity to discuss how Wheel Craft can deepen customer loyalty and drive unit sales, productivity, revenue and CSI.

Please contact Wheel Craft at 833.639.4231 or email Ed Hollinshead, company President.

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