How Repetition of Process Benefits Wheel Craft Customers and Dealerships Alike

No matter what you do in life, one fact will always remain true: the more you do something – and do it consistently – the better you become at it.

At Wheel Craft, we do one thing, and one thing only: Delivering the highest quality, most beautiful and most durable handcrafted finishes for BMW, Lexus, Infiniti and other luxury-brand original equipment (OE) factory wheels.

Wheel Craft’s proprietary, next-gen finishes are gorgeous in appearance and texture—and their advanced protective properties offer unrivaled durability to ensure beauty and performance for years to come.

So, how did we get to this point—to a place of unrivaled industry leadership in luxury wheel finishes? There are lots of reasons…

  • The superior materials we use to finish BMW, Lexus, Infiniti and other luxury-brand wheels;
  • The deep experience and care of our entire staff, from leadership and administration offices to each member of our production team;
  • Solid, trusting relationships with automotive dealers throughout the U.S., as well as mobile installation leaders like GoMobile Tires; and
  • Total customer satisfaction with every order…we want customers for life, and we’ve structured our business around that central goal.

Yet, underlying it all is our dedication to process—not only in terms of production, but in every phase of our operations.

The processes we instituted throughout our business are repeatable and ensure consistency at every step of the sales and production journey. Nowhere is that more evident than in the production process itself.

Wheel Craft is unique in the industry in the fact that we and we alone work with different wheel designs and different car line models. By contrast, most aftermarket wheel manufacturers produce only one product, or work on only one product line.

Because of this, the Wheel Craft team must understand all of the different alloy compositions and geometries from make to make, and model to model. Each make and model wheel has its own set of intricacies; yet we apply consistent processes over and over again for every wheel—pursuing a common end via different pathways.

It’s a challenging endeavor, and success is predicated on accounting for the smallest details within a reliable process. At the end of the day, our commitment to process delivers consumers the highest-quality custom wheel finish on the market. And auto dealership personnel can rest easy, knowing that we take our work very seriously and are 100% committed to ensuring total customer satisfaction.

We hope this blog helps shows how repetition of process produces the world’s finest custom wheel finishes. For automobile professionals, we hope this helps you understand how to optimize service and deliver superior results for your customers and your dealership. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how Wheel Craft can help you and your dealership deepen customer loyalty and drive unit sales, productivity, revenue and CSI.

Please contact Wheel Craft at 833.639.4231 or email Ed Hollinshead, company President.

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