Wheels – Meet Your Dealership’s New Profit Center

The automotive business is highly competitive, and dealerships everywhere seek competitive advantages to enhance profitability and build strong leadership positions in the markets they serve.

At Wheel Craft, we understand. That’s why we’ve geared our business around hand-crafting the absolute finest wheel finishes for Lexus, BMW, Infiniti and other luxury-brand original equipment (OE) factory-installed wheels. Our goal is to create special experiences that give your customers an unmistakable sense of luxury, performance and empowerment at every turn.

We also designed our business model to offer significant profit opportunities to your dealership.

Indeed, participating in the Wheel Craft Original Factory Wheel Program is a winning move for all elements of your business. Consider:

Sales Department:

  • Enhances customer experience – Wheel Craft is singularly focused on providing exceptional customer experiences from initial inquiries through purchase and installation and beyond. We strive to build customers for life.
  • Empowers customers – They select the finish they want.
  • Drives unit sales – Wheel Craft creates and nurtures market awareness digitally and drives customers into your dealership to see the product first-hand.
  • Creates showroom buzz – Vehicles featuring Wheel Craft finishes are dramatically appealing and designed to generate maximum showroom traffic.
  • Maintains brand integrity – We apply our proprietary next-gen finishes to factory wheels only—this is not an aftermarket product that could compromise durability, handling or performance.
  • Offers outstanding value for your customers – We offer a standard 5-year warranty against brake dust burns, chipping, peeling, color separation, corrosion and finish damage caused by road salt and car wash chemicals.
  • Dealer trade guarantee – Wheel Craft will reimburse your dealership for moving wheels between pre-loaded cars in the event of a dealer trade of customer preference. We eliminate front-of-store risk by helping you drive unit sales, separating your dealership from the competition, distinguishing your inventory and offering our dealer trade guarantee.

Parts Department:

  • One central control point for program – Wheel Craft controls the receipt and return of cores to complete the exchange process, taking that burden off your shoulders. Our custom wheel finish program can also drive Parts Department revenue by facilitating cross-department sales opportunities.
  • Eliminates ALL dealer inventory risk – Wheel Craft commits 100 percent to inventory investment. We maintain a dedicated inventory of factory wheels to facilitate quick and painless exchange transactions. There is NO investment or inventory hold for dealers.
  • Helps secure dealership business model – Wheel Craft fits seamlessly with a dealership’s Fixed Ops model.

Service Department:

  • Facilitates quick turnaround – Wheel Craft provides a 5-day delivery guarantee on all orders for quick customer fulfillment, without the need for racking cars and pulling wheels.
  • Drives customer service, revenue and CSI
  • Helps nurture a premium image for your dealership
  • Offers maximum labor rate profitability
  • Provides opportunities for expanded sales – Wheel Craft’s customer marketing is designed to help boost Service Department traffic and exposure in the dealership.

F + I Department:

  • Builds team relationship with sales – When your Sales Department displays cars with dressed wheels, F+I has an opportunity to stress the value proposition of wheel and tire protection plans.
  • Leverages protection products and enhances Sales Team relationships
  • Drives connection with customers

Learn how the Wheel Craft exchange process works.

Whether it’s Lexus, BMW, Infiniti or other luxury brands, those brands stand for luxury, quality and performance—and your customers expect nothing less. Wheel Craft’s Original Factory Wheel Program is designed to help dealerships offer their customers the highest quality, most durable wheel finishes available anywhere—with confidence that their efforts will be supported 100 percent by us. In doing so, it helps you strengthen customer loyalty and boost revenues.

Contact Us Now to Participate in the Wheel Craft Dealership Program.

Are you interested in learning more about Wheel Craft original equipment wheel finishes, or having your automotive dealership participate in the Wheel Craft Original Factory Wheel Program? Please contact Wheel Craft at 833.639.4231 or email Ed Hollinshead, company President. You can also visit wheelcraft.com or fill out the form below, and a Wheel Craft representative will contact you shortly.

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